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Opal Collection

   We are so excited to introduce our new opal collection!  Lately, we have been drawn to the beautiful opal stone since it gives off that iridescent, rainbow, unicorn like glisten.  We also wanted to introduce more dainty and minimalistic pieces.  We found some beautiful adjustable rings along with some simple yet stunning crystal pave stone stud earrings.  We are on the hunt for more pieces to add to this collection but they are selling out fast! 

   We have always been pretty gaudy so layering all of the rings on almost every finger looks best and catches everyone's eye. Rose gold and regular soft antique gold are the two metals you can find in this collection.  These pieces are perfect gifts for holidays, birthdays, bridesmaids, and weddings.  They are all so affordable but look and feel like quality.  I would not shower with them but if they do get wet, they do not tarnish.  No one wants to get green fingers and quality was a big factor when shopping for these rings and earrings.  The opal stone is so feminine and makes you feel happy when you look down at your finger every day.  More to come soon but we hope you love these opal pieces as much as we do! 

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